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Life is about places, people and memories. It’s sitting at the water's edge mesmerized by a blazing sunset that electrifies the evening sky. It’s the cold comfort of a bubbly brew and a hearty cup of clam chowder. It’s peaceful moments and uncontrollable laughter with loved ones.

Welcome to Cedar Key, FL, a secret slice of paradise nestled along the Gulf of Mexico. This  peaceful fishing village has managed to escape the relentless jaws of development that most of the Sunshine State has struggled to elude, offering easy living in the great outdoors and a unique heritage that is well preserved.

Old Florida is something you might have read about in a history book, but on Cedar Key, it’s a cherished way of life that continues to thrive. Houses and buildings from the 19th century line tranquil waterways and narrow streets and farmers tend to clam farms in the shallows.

Get away from it all and get lost in the magical wild of Cedar Key. Kayak through grass flats home to an abundance of birds and wildlife, cast a line for a day of fishing on the beach or explore the vibrant little town that exudes old southern charm and coastal flair. When you visit Cedar Key, it’s not just a vacation, it’s home away from home.